"without Meat, You'll Never Get Your Protein!"

I don't see it as that big a deal. About a year ago, I started feeling sick from eating meat... mainly chicken. I am pretty sure it was from too much fast food, which in turn made me condition myself to hate meat. The smell of it even makes me feel a little off nowadays. But that's okay, because I still get a reasonable amount of protein in my diet. My views are, that it doesn't really matter what you eat, as long as you are getting a reasonable balance of all the essentials, and doing some exercise.

I've had a lot of trouble in the past month with overeating, and no exercise, due to needing an emergency knee operation, but the fact that I'm a vegetarian has nothing to do with anything! For starters, everyone is different, and eats a different amount, reacts to certain foods in certain ways, and craves different meals. Vegetarians are no different. That's like saying that gay people aren't people, because they are attracted to things that are the same as them. Vegetarians still crave sweet, sour, salty, bitter tastes, just as gay people still crave love and devotion, and just want someone to care... but back to vegetarians...

In my experiences, I've found that at parties for example, I would immediately aim for the sugary, chocolaty foods, but if fruit was brought out, I would have a much better time eating it instead... Fruit made me feel better about myself, and made my body feel cleaner, probably because I wasn't putting chemicals and transfats and extra sugar through my body. That's the wonderful thing about bodies; they know exactly what they want. If you're a vegetarian because you don't like meat, your body is probably trying to tell you that it doesn't want meat, because it could do better with something else... like nuts or beans or just lots of salad. You might find you're not a person who needs very much protein as it is, because that's just not what your body requires.

If you become a vegetarian just because you feel like it on the other hand, I don't think it's a very smart idea honestly. Often, I think people will try something just so they can be different. It's like being different for the sake of being different. There is no point to it. I see it as a form of lying. Unless there is a valid reason why you're not eating meat, i.e. - you don't like it, you've never eaten it/were medically informed you shouldn't eat it etc. I don't see why some people just don't eat meat. ESPECIALLY the ones who say that it's great, but think if they stop eating meat they will lose weight. Well, the truth is, they probably will lose weight... muscle ... and that's not a good thing to lose.

I find it pretty obvious (though I guess others may not), but if you take something out of your life, then you will most likely need to substitute it with something. Taking meat out of your diet is no exception. If you don't have that source of protein coming in, you'll need to get the right amount from your body from somewhere... That's just the way of life.

So be happy, enjoy being a vegetarian, and have fun with your food.
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I meant to put this in my previous comment. <br />
<br />
I haven't been a vegetarian for long. Only a few months now. <br />
I don't eat meat because I don't like it and I really don't like how animals are treated on factory farms. My aunt raises cows and she told me that cows that have cancerous legions on there faces are still shipped to slaughter. She added a comment that I found interesting after that. "Maybe that's why so many people are getting cancer."<br />
When I see a video of a cow being hurt I see the fear in the animal's eyes. <br />
<br />
I don't drink dairy milk, I'd rather have Silk. <br />
I don't eat eggs (aka hen periods). <br />
I would rather get coconut milk yogurt but it cost more than dairy yogurt and I don't exactly have an unlimited amount of money. <br />
I haven't found soycheese anywhere so that's not really an option for me at this point. <br />
<br />
And I try to avoid using products tested on animals but they're so expensive. If I get them I make them last a LONG time.

So you're basically a vegan. I still drink milk and eat eggs. I've sort of changed to soy milk now because it's less fatty, but I basically only don't eat meat because it started to make me feel sick, due to my own stupid fault, so...

I don't say I'm vegan yet because I still eat dairy yogurt and cheese. And the soymeat I eat has cheese in it sometimes.

I eat Morning Star, Boca, and Veggie Patch. Soy and veggie "meat". Loaded with protein. Protein is in more than you think though.

That's totally what I think, but for me I became a vegetarian for different reasons especially my respect for other creatures, animals ... I always search about new protein sources.<br />
you can read about my story here : http://www.vegetarianstories.com

I always forget how lucky I was to be raised vegetarian. My parents taught me how to eat really well. I grew up on a soybean farm so finding fresh, natural protein was not a problem in the slightest. A lot of the time when people eat poorly, just becoming vegetarian isn't enough. Any diet is unhealthy if you eat crap.

EXACTLY! It's not about WHAT you eat, it's about .. well it is about what you eat... but it's about the nutrients you get from your food, and eating everything in balance rather than trying to cut something out of your diet just to lose weight or whatever. It doesn't work!

No, I'm just a vegetarian. People forget how bad meat is for you. When it's out of your system is becomes more difficult to put back in, and that is true for every vegetarian I know.

I had the same reaction when I stopped eating meat , my body craved sugar .<br />
I quickly learned to cook with legumes and beans , especially adding spices to break plant protein down . Since I also work out by body needs more protein , I found rice protein and pea protein very useful. Whey protein was waist of money , as our body can't assimilate half of it and I was feeling like swollen up by using it.

yeah and carbs too... I love bread, so I eat wholemeal/wholegrains now because it makes you feel fuller quicker. Yes beans are the best!!!
Where I live at the moment, we get a lot of lentils *which are tasteless, but at least they do give you protein*
One thing I would say is to never buy that stupid protein powder crap. That too, is a waste of money. Haha I agree about the whey as well... BLOATEDDDD.

Dear Caitie Lynn, though my English is not that well, and i do apologize for that, i think that i understood your letter. I´m just trying to point out that everything in a persons opinion is a product of his perspective. What i´m trying to say is that your view on vegetarianism is ba<x>sed on what benefit you might get from it, without considering other aspects, like whether it is right or wrong to kill someone, or to limit his movement or to treat him as a thing without ever having his feelings in mind. I became vegetarian during the war in my country, after seeing all the atrocities, one being can do to another, and maybe that is the reason why i´m being so strict about this. I believe that all wrong doing in the world is ba<x>sed on a lack of ability to truly empathize with another being. I hope that i did not offend you in any way, and that you will only view this as my language exercise. Thanks for reading my letter. Bye.

If you could find in your hearth a little amount of mercy and pity for those who are being tortured and slaughtered for your proteins and pleasure, maybe you would realize what vegetarianism is all about.I think that a man should sometimes wonder if something he does, is not hurting someone else.It´s easy to be cruel, try the other way, sometime. Sorry for my English, all the best to you.

... I am a vegetarian... I don't think you understand this article.