No, I'm Not *updated*

But I do try to limit my consumption of meat.

Anyways the reason why I'm writing this story wasn't to tell you that, it's because the group image reminded me of one of my favorite images on the internet.

That is all.


UPDATE - 6/7/08

I saw this on campus yesterday and I had to take a picture.

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9 Responses May 26, 2008


I want a ******* pepper. :p

OMG I really hope I find a poster like this... I want to move out with others for financial reasons and such, but it's like a dream of mine to not have meat in my house or have to worry about whether meat has been cooked on my pots and pans.

omfg. baha.<br />
I laughed. Hard. Really hard.

"I don't eat my friends..." ROFLMAO. ;D

peppers with beans, peppers with seeds, peppers with rice and peppers with greens.....

God damn... this really makes me want some ******* peppers!

Wow haha i love this. and i love peppers!

<br />
and i especially like the fact that EP can't *star* the words out. hah