Question?!! About Dinner

When you eat family meals for any occasion how does it make you feel when a giant turkey or ham gets slammed on the table in front of you?? Then everyone starts digging into it.... Im curious as to others thoughts about this.
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To each his/her own. So long as there's something on the table I can eat, I'm fine. More meat for everyone else!

Generally, it doesn't bother unless it smells strong.

I'm with you on that one. Seeing meat doesn't bug me. *Smelling* it on the other hand...fortunately that doesn't happen to me often.

It honestly bothers me sometimes. I think it's gross and it disgusts me. I don't say anything, though. My immediate family is all vegetarian, but my extended family isn't, but they respect our vegetarianism and make accommodations for us, so I don't bother them about their eating habits.

It is no different than passing on any other foods you choose not to eat (e.g. I can't stand beets). If you can get yourself into that mindset, you'll be fine.

Luckily, it's not very often when I have to face this sort of thing, but if I did, I'm with SassySSS: I would not help myself to any of the meat, though I would lay it on the line with anyone who implied I was weird for not having any.

I don't really have any thoughts about it. I feel it is each person's individual decision.

It doesn't bother me at all. It only bothers me when I get hassled for not eating meat, otherwise, to each his own :-)

I feel exactly the same ^,^