Most Of The Time Anyways.

I eat meat occasionally, but for the most part I am a vegetarian.
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If you eat meat, you're not a vegetarian.

I understand what vegetarian means. Thank you. I eat meat less than once a month. Less than a handful of times a year. Most of the time, I am a vegetarian.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle. That's like saying you're celibate but once a month you go out and **** a stranger.

It would appear that you think of vegetarianism much like a religion. I simply view it as my eating habits. Most of the times, I don't eat meat. I eat a vegetarian diet. I don't let it define me. To me it is not a lifestyle. It is simply my eating habits.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle, not a religion. A vegetarian does not eat meat ever. You don't need it to define you, it's just what you eat. That's the definition of a vegetarian, someone who does not eat meat. You do eat meat. Therefore not a vegetarian.

I am a semi-vegetarian.

Closer. Or you could just say it as it is "I don't eat meat often." Don't try to get the moral superiority of a label without actually putting in the effort.

I'm just going by wikipedia as per the semi-vegetarian label. I don't feel morally superior or inferior by being a vegetarian. Perhaps it gives you a perch to sit on and look down at others, but to me it is purely about diet. It isn't about pity to animals or any morally superior values coming into play. It is just about food and my eating habits. Do you fear that I'm stealing some of your thunder? Check wikipedia... I'm a semi-vegetarian. If you want to site some other sources, please do so.

Wikipedia says "The term has no precise or widely accepted definition"

"Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish or poultry, or sometimes other meats on an infrequent basis." - if you wiki vegetarianism.

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