On A Roll???

I'm active at a day program that provides services to people with mental illnesses.  Once a month they host a dinner.  One of my first few of these, I found myself in a difficult spot.

The entree was pot roast.
One veggie was the potatoes and carrots cooked with the roast.
The other veggie was green beans cooked with ham and bacon.
Cheesecake was dessert.
When a staff member was asked for something I could eat, I got a blank, horrified look.

And a plate with four rolls.

They were good rolls, I guess.  At least I could eat the cheesecake...but four rolls and a slice of cheesecake for dinner.

Plaid Plaid
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1 Response May 24, 2012

I know what that's like.<br />
Maybe they'll go with spaghetti and meat on the side next time?

Since then I've been politely vocal about insisting they serve *something* I can eat. I must be getting somewhere; last month the whole meal was vegetarian!