Very Proud Vegetarian.

Well I stopped eating meat two years ago and let me tell you I have never in my 39 years felt healthier. I became a vegetarian when I found the Hare Krishna's so yes there is a spiritual reason to stop eating meat but also I found out so much about how bad meat is for your body and how much worse it is after the big corporations get involved. I could go on and on about them. any way new to the group so ill be adding as time goes by just wanted to say hi to everyone. HI
bhaktagerald bhaktagerald
41-45, M
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HI...ill be watching your posts. great your here.

you can go back to it my freind. it will bring you a much healthier life. dont become a vegan we need to have the cows milk, it is very very good for us and keeps us healthy. try if you can my friend. thank you

you are very welcom to who it is that thanked me, if i can ever be of helplease ask

I currently only eat free range eggs and chicken but prefer to be vegetarian and would be if I lived alone.