i have been vegetarian since i was 11 years old.

that's about it...

quietrocket quietrocket
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2006

I became a vegetarian right away I gave up meats because of the price. I felt healthier so I remained vegetarian. Best way to do it quit eating meats right off the bat and eat plenty of fruit.

I just started this journey 3 weeks's like a drinker, you gotta take one day at a time.But, I am learning to deal with it better and better.Cookouts are a total mess, when you're in a black family and YOU are the ONLY one NOT eating any meat.

I know how it is. I just bring my eggplant and veggie burgers for the grill and I just eat the sides like macaroni and cheese and green bean.

Hmmm, interesting! I've never met a vegetarian before. Keep doing whatcha gotta do. ;)