So Irritating

I love my mother, I appreciate my mother, but it's getting so annoying coming over to her house on Sundays. It's like every Sunday she cooks something with meat in it, and gets pissed because I won't eat it. She's always like, "Well I'm not making another dinner." And I have to remind her I didn't expect her to, and I'm perfectly fine making my own meals.

Last Sunday she made a meat chili, and I made myself a vegetarian chili. Then she got all pissed off and said, " Why can't you just eat meat?"

I felt like saying, "Why don't you just eat dog food?" I don't want to eat meat. I don't want any more of that crap in my body. I had 20 years of that slop in my stomach and it made me sick, sluggish, and difficult to manage my weight. Every Sunday I tolerate my brother, father and mother being suck jerks about me being a vegetarian. I'm going to stop coming over if they won't quit it with the immature comments.
KayKai KayKai 26-30, F 5 Responses Aug 28, 2012

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How long have you been veggie? You implied you'd been a meat eater for 20 years. If it is a relatively recent decision, it may be hard for your mum to come to terms with it. If you'd been vegetarian since being a schoolgirl, it might not have been so difficult for them. I'm not saying this IS the reason...just possible. Hope it improves.

I plan on having a very large green house in the future and im not a vegetarian but when i talk about it you should see vegetarians light up lol

I am also a non veg turned vegetarian. I face this issue sometimes and yes it can be very irritating. May be they don't understand it is better to be so..

affection has many colours.........

love don't alwayes come in the right package

It's too bad they don't respect your wishes. As much as I always endorse family cohesiveness, I would suggest arriving after dinner is completed. You can still visit and avoid the dinner conflict.

That is actually an excellent solution.