8 Years And Healthy

In 2000, at age 50, my doctor put me on blood pressure medication. In 2004, he wanted to put me on cholesterol medication.  I asked him to hold off, and I went vegetarian.  Not vegan, but, strict vegetarian.  Within 6 months, my cholesterol was normal.  In another 6 months, he took me off the blood pressure meds.  To this day, I am drug-free.  I've always been athletic and healthy.  But, I have to say I've never felt better. 

I've made several interesting discoveries.  People who go veg for health reasons tend to evolve toward greater care for animals.  And people who go veg for animal rights reasons tend to realize that it has been good for their health.  It's definitely a two-fer.
pho144 pho144
61-65, M
Nov 26, 2012