2 Years And Counting

I wanted to be a vegetarian for a number of years but due to financial constraints that meant my wife becoming one too (can't really afford 2 separate meals for us both). She was not up for it to begin with but one day read an article in the newspaper about how cruelly chickens are treated and that caused he to decide to become veggie - she beat me to it!
Have been veggie now for over 2 years really and my health has improved as a result, lost loads of weight and felt less sluggish - especially after eating, I never get that bloated feeling anymore, lovely.
I am veggie mostly because of animal rights concerns - I dislike the idea of killing sentient creatures when there is truly no need which is compounded by the horrific conditions many animals are raised in.
It is also better for the environment too, as well as healthier, plus since going veggie i have experimented with food a lot more than ever - I was a bit of a meat n' 2 veg bloke with a curry or spag bol thrown in for good measure but now eat far more different types of meal than I ever would have done before, it has opened my life to some excellent culinary experiences - which is important if you love food as much as I do!
I would love to become full on vegan -have tried lots of lovely vegan food and often am vegan for a few days by default.

Postscript, as of June 2015 (either the 19th or 29th) I have gone full vegan and am loving it!!!
Nomoretomorrow Nomoretomorrow
41-45, M
Nov 27, 2012