Why To Be.

First this post is only for those who wish to go vegetarian and needs a little push, and those who are already vegetarian and , who would appreciate a little appreciation. If you enjoy meat, please don’t get angry about this; for I agree life is short enjoy it. ( I had nothing to do, so I thought I I will scribble, what comes in mind)

God has designed all animals in such a way that we identify our food with our senses, dominantly by sight. What we feel like eating seeing it, is our natural food. So fruits are our natural foods which god has cooked for us. Do we feel like eating it, when we see a live chicken, no. The length of the alimentary canal of humans is around 10 m when compared to carnivores, which is only 5 m. The acid in our stomach is less than 2%, while in carnivores it is about 6%. We have teeth designed to chew , while they have long and sharp canine and claws designed to kill and tear meat. Humans have the most developed eccrine sweat glands, while carnivores don’t even have them. So basically it is not our natural food.

Even if you consider dietary benefits, we eat only flesh, while carnivores eat their prey in full, drink blood, and consume bone marrow . Also we take our meat usually with oil , spices and condiments and other category of foods. Pepsin and hcl does the digestion of protein and it take place only in an acidic environment. Meat, which is not our natural source of protein, ( meat goes best with vegetables if you are a non veg and still reading ) when taken with other foods like bread makes the process of digestion difficult ( as digestion of carbohydrates is difficult in an acidic environment). Also the presence of oil makes the digestion of meat a difficult task, that is why we get extra thirsty ( pepsin can’t convert the meat to peptone, if it is oily and to remove the layer of oil). What is beyond argument is that meat takes more effort to digest. Digestion is a process that uses our life energy. Here we are wasting a lot of our purest form of energy for digestion, ( our digestion becomes less economical, when comparing how much energy is required for that process, just compare that with a glass of tender coconut water, which takes almost no effort or fruits which takes less than 2 hours and too little energy is wasted for digestion)
Regular consumption of meat can affect the body’s internal ph level, as it requires an acidic environment to digest. More acidic means more oxidation which is the root cause of all diseases. Also,, the body tries to keep its balance by first secreting more mucus, then by drawing alkaline, like calcium from our teeth and then bones ( we call that osteoporosis) . Also the higher we go up food chain, the concentration of harmful substances increases (body tries to contain them as tumors).

Animals feel pain and fear just like we all do. A study showed if you are a vegetarian you need 30 cents of land to live, if you want to take milk too you need 60 cents , and if you are a non vegetarian you need more than 600 cents to live. A large part of our cultivated land is used for feeding of slaughter animals and slaughter industry affects water balance and is one of the prime reasons for pollution . Why take the indirect route when you have the direct route. If more than 50% of the people turn vegetarian, there would be no more starvation in this world.

( If you are a non veg and still read this, i am sorry if i hurt any of your feelings :( )
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I don't season my meat; ruins the flavor

My boyfriend got sick mostly from eating too much meat. I was very glad when he went off it.

So much information in such a succint, concise and informative form. Really useful and actually life-saving

Well written my friend :-)

Although I stopped explaining to non vegetarians why I turn myself into one, I found this very interesting and I completely agree on what you say about what our senses tell us and how we are naturally attracted to our food.
I wasn't able to eat meat as a baby because of the repulsion I felt at the smell and texture of it. As a kid it was even worst. I am not able to eat something that all my senses reject. That's enough reason for me to go vegetarian. Your other points are great to consider though. Thank you!!!

Yes, well written. I knew of all those facts already but thank you for putting it all down so consicely....

Vegetarianism is fundamental to my life and life choices....


Amber xx

very good article my friend :)

well done :)
vegetarians have a 24% reduced risk for heart disease, even more so if you go vegan. Just make sure you get your B12.
factory farming is the the largest contributor to the earth's pollution.
With all the non meat foods available, for me, it's immoral to take life.
I miss eating meat but I now follow my heart, not my stomach and it feels good

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If its a secret, i will not try to find its meaning. thanks

Good research my friend.

i feels most of people eat non-veg only because of the taste, in a way they are under the influence of desires created by their senses.
When they learn to win over their senses and try to realize what is wrong and what is right with their wisdom and self realization, then they will leave the non-veg naturally.

Wishes your article will make few persons go vegetarian.

Best Wishes

etu bruteeeeeeeee

Sorry, if hurt anyone's sentiments, i was born in non-vegetarian, i was non-veg up to the age of 23, but after leaving non-veg for a long time i realized it is not good for us as a human, as humanity is not only restricted to cruelty against humans but to animals also. Sorry if hurt anyone, i didn't meant that.

oo my goshhhhhh
i was just kidding
no need of regrets and cries

I eat Non veg a very little kind of may be 100 grams a month. What you said is very true . will give up soon