Soc Vegetariana, Jo Vull Peix!

I prefer not to eat meat. I don't eat beef, chicken, lamb, pork, bacon, venison, or any kind of animal flesh.

I do eat fish, never shellfish, but mostly I just eat salads, legumes and seasonal vegetables, I like spices like Za'atar.

I enjoy cooking, and making juliennes.
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The correct term for this is "pescetarian" technically speaking not a vegetarian and for sure not a vegan. Who cares though? The entire purpose of this lifestyle is not about the title.

1oncebitten he is NOT a vegetarian AT ALL.@ anul why wont you go all the way and become vegetarian? if you want to call yourself something call your self pesctarian be in reliaty u are still eating an animal.So for the sake of real vegetarians PLEASE DO NOT CALL YOUR SELF A VEGETARIAN!

no because vegetarians plus fish is an NOT an acceptable answer!

i hate to say this but fish is still meat and you are not a vegetarian if you eat fish

ok, so I'm a vegetarian plus fish!

"pescetarian" actually.

anul watch the seafood part of this @ 9:33

The only reason why the titles bother me at some times is because when I tell people I am a "vegetarian" they say "so you eat fish, and chicken right?" I tell them no form of meat at all they then proceed to tell me that so and so is a "vegetarian" and eats fish and sometimes chicken. Using the improper title makes it confusing for those around us to understand what our diets actually are. When you tell someone "I am a pescetarian" "I am a vegetarian" or "I am a vegan" they have a very good understanding of what you mean and there is not need to explain it. That is the only issue I have with the titles because it isn't about who/what is better. Using the appropriate title clarifies to people exactly what you are.


no problem! :)

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