Veg For Life!

I've been veg for 10 years! You know how many animals that I DIDN'T eat that equals? Alot!

I owe it all to the two bunnies that I got in 2003. At the time, people that heard about my bunny mom status would say to me "Oh, I've eaten rabbit before..." That really forced me to open my eye!

I looked into the 'rabbit for human use' issue further. Not only are they used for fur, they're used for product testing and in medical labs! They're used in product testing because of their delicate paper thin skin and barely there tear ducts. (tears are for rinsing out irritants, but rabbits don't have that ability hence clorox bleach in bunnies eye will do what?) They're used in medical labs for basically the same reason. They're sensitive.

So in closing, I am veg and owe my vegdom to two sweet little bunnies named Calvin and Jordan. :-)

*I don't call myself vegan because I'm not 100%, but pretty close.
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Do you eat animal crackers ?