Meat-eaters Are Hypocrites

In the year 2000, my doctor put me on blood pressure meds. In 2004, he wanted to put me on cholesterol meds.  I told him I wanted to try something else first.  I immediately gave up eating all forms of dead animal flesh.  Within 6 months, my cholesterol was normal.  In another 6 months, he took me off the BP meds.  I've been normal and healthy ever since.

The fact is, we are biologically vegetarians.  There is no scientific dispute on this.  Ingesting dead animal flesh poisons us.  It causes cancer, heart disease, strokes, and more.

Those who ingest dead animal flesh do it for one and only one reason.  They enjoy it.  They have no qualms about executing other animals solely for their personal pleasure.  Yet, they pick and choose.  Most meat-eaters would not eat a dog, a cat or a horse.  Some are incensed that in catching and killing tuna, some dolphins might be killed.  Hypocracy personified.

By the way, I did NOT lose weight by going veg.  And I don't feel particularly healthier, although I obviously am.  I WISH it would cause some weight loss.
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I agree with you, At age 50 now I have the same exact symptoms you had at the same age. I have greatly reduced my meat, salt intake. I will eat fish and some lean chicken. I started going to the gym. Exercise and weight control do help a lot. my cholesterol levels are back to normal. However I am still taking my crestor.

Good for you. That's an excellent start.

I don't know about a horsemeat scandal. I remember in about 1995 when the Mad Cow disease first hit a human, in England. I happened to be in England at that time with my wife, and we had had a big steak dinner the night before the news broke. We were quite nervous. But, I continued ingesting dead animal flesh for another 10 years.

Good point. You know that horsemeat scandal here in England? Everybody's horrified and cutting way down on meat consumption, according to the latest news. I want to say to all these carnivores: So what about the horsemeat? How's that different from eating a cow or pig? You can eat those animals, so why not horses? If they're so proud to eat meat, why pick and choose? Pigs and cows can be slaughtered, but suddenly they've got such great compassion for another hoofed animal? Please.

I lost some weight after starting ~mostly~'s about not letting your sugars spike, some things that seem vegitarian but are loaded with sugar would be something like marinara /spaghetti sauce...I learned to just make a lot of my own sauces, ect..and limit my intake of pastas and many *other* things out there to eat! And limiting deep fried foods to meal a week too...and my work requires me to stand, walk, bend, and lift all day long. Continuously on the move!