Loving Being Vegetarian

I have always wanted to become vegetarian, because I detest the mistreatment of animals, and finally did a few months ago. Still trying to figure out how to get enough iron (because I was deficient before becoming vegetarian), but I am so happy with the choice I made!
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I eat tons of greens and still have issues with low iron. I will warn you now if you don't take an iron supplement of some kind it can cause you to become anemic, I used to be a blood donor and now they refuse me every time, so I highly recommend taking something in addition to your diet. You don't want to find yourself on the verge of passing out when you stand up, this has become a common problem with me, please take care of yourself. :)

Yes, I'm trying to be careful and take supplements because I couldn't even donate blood before vegetarianism due to my iron :( Thankyou :)

All the ideas listed below are great ideas to help increase the amount of iron in your diet, however after time goes by it can become difficult to keep up with (at least in my case) I would eat foods that are listed below in addition to a supplement. It is not only iron you need to worry about it is also your B vitamins particularly B-12 which is found mostly in red meats B vitamins are essential for your brain and nervous system. I would try your best to incorporate these things/foods into your diet because you cannot rely on a vitamin pill only, however having said that I strongly recommend using both methods. Anyone vegetarian/vegan or not should at least take a multivitamin in addition to their diet even if they do eat a balanced diet because sometimes we slip up. Please take it from the girl who said "oh, I don't need to take supplements" and ended up having to stay in the hospital and used to pass out upon standing. It is never a bad idea to use both methods. I do feel that perhaps certain people may be more prone to iron deficiencies though.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be taking it. I do not want to end up in hospital!


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I was going to say I have a very good friend who has been one for 20 years and I would ask but then I saw Samantha's response below so no need now. I wish you luck with it. I hae also been cutting way down because of my friend's influence

Hayley, check out cereals, green leafy veg and eggs...excellent sources of iron...

And....well done! Enjoy!!

Sammy Jo xx

Thanks for the advice, I will do! Thanks x