All The Weird Looks

I have been a vegetarian for over 3 years but still when I tell people i am a vegetarian... people always ask why, whats wrong with meat...? then there is always that one person who goes on and on about how im not right about it and that i should just go back to eating meat. sometimes i really just want to say im allergic to meat (is that even possible??) and make them severely confused or just feel bad for being a jerk about it.
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I've been veggie since '88, ironically just as I was diagnosed as severely anaemic! But, since then I have been pretty much unmatched in my health and fitness; my doctor says that I'm a lot healthier than most people she knows....

It's all about variety of foods; that's the way to stay healthy....

Just think about your food source; and then compare that to meat eaters. They'll be lucky to have 5-10 different types of meat, at best, in their diet! Vegetarians must have at least a couple of dozen fruits and veggies that they consume a lot of....

Look at arts; a lot of the greatest musicians are veggie or vegan - Steve Vai, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Bryan Adams, Chrissie Hynde etc....

Role models? There's vegan strongmen and vegans and vegetarians have just as much option as meat eaters, perhaps more....

Because we're more clued into things....more aware!!

I'm still known as the 'freaky vegetarian' and, y'know what? Who cares!!

Certainly not me!!!

So.....keep your head held high....

Geoff xx

I have a meat allergy

i'm vegetarian, and have just recently switched to a living/eating as a vegan, and i SO get what you're saying. my dad and his wife were on to me about eating meat in december, so i tried a bit few times, and it just made me sick (you lose the enzymes to digest it. hence the nausea). now that i'm a vegan, people are trying to discourage me from doing so... what's so crazy about living a non-violent, cruelty-free lifestyle??
i think people get defensive b/c they think they're being judged by us vegs, but don't let that get to you. hold your ground and be proud that you're making good choices for you, as well as the enviroment, and of course, our animal friends.

You need to correct people and explain to them the problems with eating sentient beings. However, this can put a lot of people on the defensive, so I recommend handing them pamphlets instead. I use "Compassionate Choices" pamphlet, from vegan outreach. You can also look at it in pdf format on their site.

You are also more than welcome to join us on veggieboards, a purely vegetarian forum

I will definitely be printing off those pamphlets! Last night it was a question about how I'm getting my B6..................

I have never heard of anyone being allergic to meat. I think a balanced diet including meat is probably the best. Of course my family is in the cattle business. :) Meat is an excellent source of protein, iron and all kinds of good stuff! :)

Just out of curiosity, doesn't watching cows being senselessly slaughtered and tortured en mass turn you off the idea of eating meat? Every time you bite into a big ol' juicy steak, you should think about all the suffering that occurred just so that you can enjoy your choice of meal.
You should do some research on how the cattle industry is destroying our planet. The vast majority of the population does not need to eat beef to survive, and you're family is making their money at a huge cost to human, animal, and environmental suffering.

Yes its possible to say you are allergic to animal protein , its not a joke .