Hello Fellow Veggies

Been a vegetarian now for nearly 30 years , get a little more militant every year in regards to animal cruelty and animal rights.
However it wasn't always like this only really became a veggie to impress my g/f back in the 80's (and get into her knickers!) and it kinda stuck even though she went back to eating dead flesh ,of course Mr Morrissey helped steer me on the right path.
Living in ireland is not a very veggie friendly and often get odd comments or people believe l am doing it for religious reasons, ie Lent. So things like veggie cafes and such are a rarity and lucky to get the compulsory sucky ****** meal stuck at the end of the menu.
ANyhow keep well my fellow vegans and veggies
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013


May I ask why you haven't gone vegan?