A Million Reasons

theres a million benefits to going vegetarian. i wont bore you with a bulleted list, but if you ever make the jump you can figure it out for yourself.
for me personally though it wasnt any ethical or health reason that pushed me into making the change. i decided very suddenly one day that i wouldnt eat meat ever again (id recommend gradual transition so its easier to adjust)
but the day i stopped eating meat i was attending the funeral of a good friend of mine from high school. all the catering was vegetarian because she was. i decided that day id would start for her. its been almost a year and a half and im only moving forward with the change hoping to go vegan soon. after i started i started noticing change in my mood, energy, appearance-skin, hair, nails etc. and i felt better because im an animal lover, and because there are also some environmental benefits to it as well. and although these things are great benefits, i never discovered any of them until i began in honor of my friend.
i was curious about trying it long before i lost her though, but never went through with it until then.

if youre thinking of maybe becoming a vegetarian, then just do it. lifes short, and things dont change if you put them off. you'll learn tons of different reasons for you to love it and stick with it, or you could learn it isnt for you. but there really no harm in experimenting

for me it was a choice i made one day that has only made my life for the better, and i have no intentions of ever eating meat again

(also what nobody tells you about first transitioning to a veggi diet is how much gassier it makes you. its only temporary though, because of the sudden increase in greens your eating. and it cleans you out and after a week you feel lighter and slimmed down ;)
MadameAdam MadameAdam
18-21, M
Jan 29, 2013