Better Than Vegetarian...

I eat mostly organic probably 90 percent of what I eat, because I cheat a little bit, and sometimes circumstance, prevent me from eating organic. so I must buy conventionally grown food, Yack awful! 

And you what! wow ! What an amazing result... I became stronger, more stamina and I do work out but not that much. I did recduce the fat, on my body just switching organic!!! not extra excercising and I have more energy... Try it woman, man

The best thing is the I got rid of my allergies reactions, WOW i won't go back.

being a vegetarian is good, but you still have the chemicals they spray on them, not good and more .... but later.
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2 Responses May 28, 2007

Darn those Beef companies for all their propaganda about Protein!

It is really difficult to eat 100% organic, isn't it?! After being quite fanatical about it for a while, I have relaxed a bit about such things (and probably haven't really changed the actual proportion of organic stuff I eat all that much at all).<br />
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I'm surprised to hear that eating organic helped you cut fat though. There's no biochemical reason that should be the case, to my knowledge.