Some years..

I began with eating no meat because I saw all these beautiful fish swimming in the sea and didn't want to eat them.. later I did eat fish again. than sometimes I ate some meat every now and then. But I never really liked it. My mum just forced me. But now I haven't eaten any fish or meat since about January 2007 or so I think. I must say I'm not missing anything.
I got a little stricter over the past. I don't eat anything that contains gelatine. I don't have a problem with it.. it's not a limitation for me. it makes me feel better. not worse. otherwise I wouldn't have made that decision.

I have to update this story a bit: Since this year's January, I'm vegan. Which means no meat, no eggs, no milk, no leather etc. No animal products in general. And I buy shampoos and shower gels that aren't tested on animals.

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1 Response May 29, 2007

WOW - I wish I had your will power!! I think it's great that your sticking with it...I couldn't do it myself, I love meat too much. Although I do kinda feel selfish when I read stories like yours, it does make me think twice about the animals we're killing.