I Was Raised a Vegetarian After I Was 8 Years Old

My parents decided to become vegans when I was 8 years old.  What a change that was.  We became lacto ovo vegans which means we ate no animals products whatsoever.  It was terrible learning to like soymilk - it was a lot different then than it is now.  It was a powder we mixed with water.  We used no eggs but my mother still made cakes and pumpkin pie with agar agar which is a seaweed derivative.

I tasted my first steak at age 19 - it was horrible - it was on a date and I made my boyfriend eat all of it.  Then I married into a meat eating family so gradually learned to eat meat.  I am no longer a part of that family and have gradually reverted to vegetarianism again.  I don't like to eat anything that has a face. 
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Thanks. I had a bone density test yesterday and my bones are better than most people my age. I guess those soya products aren't that bad! LOL

Welcome back to the "flock" :-)