I Was Mostly Vegetarian For Ab...

I was mostly vegetarian for about a year (only rarely ate meat) and felt really good but my diet has gone by the wayside due to unforseen circumstances.  I'm planning on going back though and committing to total vegetarianism.  Chomp chomp chomp them veggies, brown rice, cereal, tofu, grains, etc.
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Hey slutslider I didn't mean that you are actually dumb, it's just a saying...I'm really sorry I was just trying to be funny, wasn't attacking you personally.<br />
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Tofu does have a weird texture...I like it better fried

i never could quite hack tofu. i've tried it a couple of times but its just too bland for me.

haha. thanks N.A. but you are right. i am young and dumb. whatever..................

Well slutslider you are young, dumb, and full of oops...........I didn't mean that. LOL<br />
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Tofu actually has no taste at all. It is good in Asian dishes with a lot of vegetables and spicy sauce. It is a very great protein source too, and doesn't have all the hormones and b*llshit that meat has in it. Don't knock it till you try it!

tofu?<br />
EWWW................<br />
that's f'ing gross. actually never had it, but it sounds f'ing gross.<br />
bad boy!! lol<br />
wow. i think i would rather poke a needle in my eye than become a vegetarian.<br />
yuck, yuck.