Swap Crops For Meat, But Don't Cry For the Cow. I Am Not a Vegetarian.

Logic will bring every westerner to the conclusion that if we used our land for growing corn or other crops instead of meat, we could feel both the western world and the third world nations on the same land we're using today. I have no issues with farming livestock; those animals have lived and fulfilled a purpose set out for them generations ago by selective breeding and industry. There is no way a cow would live wild without a complete lack of predators, and I think that each cow enjoys its life just as much as the other...think about all the missed cow-experiences if we stopped breeding them...what a crime that would be, to take that experience potential from the world…but that’s people, we like to think what we like to think, as in I’m bringing up a point that most people wouldn’t even give a thought to…potential experience. For if we stopped breeding and killing livestock, aren’t we taking about stealing potential experience? You could live a very happy life…and then die a horrible death; would the life have still been valid? Would you have still wanted to live it even thought you knew misery would follow the happiness? If you say that cows and livestock shouldn’t suffer, that they are like people on fields, then aren’t you talking about stopping a race? Destroying a species. The only way we could stop the ‘horrible meat industry’ is by shutting down the factories (economic effects are massive) and stopping our fascination with cows and sheep…wiping them from our lives, stopping our continuous breeding programs. Killing the race.   Oh sure, they’d live on in the wild, but the life would be harder and no domesticated cow could easily adapt to the wild. It would be the same wild breeds that have always roamed free. What’s my point? It’s not a clear cut debate. If you are going to bring your emotions into it than you should beware the emotional implications of what you are proposing, because they could be contradictory. Example, ‘Cows have feeling and live happy lives with their families and friends, and we kill them? What kind of monsters are we? Lets stop the meat industry” Could be interpreted as “I want to stop the meat industry, I want to stop the cows from living altogether by halting breeding programs and allowing the current population to grow old and die without being eaten. Essentially I will be stoping the cows having families, friends or any kind of life, I will destroy a species for the species sake. In twenty years there will be no cows, no happy families mooing in the fields, then I will be successful”   I have no clear point of view on this, in the end for me it comes down to logic. I would adapt to a diet of grain if it meant that I could help suffering humans in other poorer parts of the world.  I have my motivations clear. Do you?
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Thanks for the rant clarajayne

Most of u are all on the wrong group because you're meat eaters and this is for vegitarians. <br />
It amazes me how selfish u Are that u have no problem with eating an animal that was once living And breathing by the way dish know that when they kill An animal in a slaughter house it screams to death? I take it u didn't because u all seem pretty ignorant. If the animal had no pain why is it screaming ?

There is another issue here as well. When you artifically "encourage a peoples in a land that they have overbred on, they simply breed more unfortunate s who only add to the burden of a land that cannot support them until you have masses fo peoples creating yet more misery for millions. I am not advocation not assisting folks who have issues from disasters etc. But simply shipping food into areas which cannot support a larger population leaves something to be desired as far as inteligent land and population management. Relocate them teach them to farm, work etc fine. But just encouraage still larger populations on overburdened areas is wrong. In my humble opinion.

we should feed the poor, and help them as much as possible. but we can do that just as easily by dividing all the money we make evenly. but no one would go for that. we could, especially in america, just not eat so damn much. we're like the fattest country. thats why they pump our cows with so much crap. if we could try to conserve food intake along with energy and oil, we'd probably be better off.

But the poor... We should feed the poor.<br />
<br />
Are people really that attached to meat? I suppose they are... it will be a cold day in Nicaragua before everyone realises that if we stop eating meat and shift to crops we can feed the whole world... <br />
In the meantime it's nice to pretend we are just meat lovers, innocent because it's the farmers that choose what their land is used for.

i dont think we will ever stop killing cows. they're too profitable. and they are not just profitable for their meat. ultimately 'bred to kill' is the cows purpose in life. we just need to make their life better and quit pumping them with pills.

It’s the only viable alternative I've heard that might have a chance of satisfying all parties. <br />
<br />
May have been a joke, but at least it would satisfy animal activists should we ever shift our main food-type to crops. It's either send them to India or kill them all.

certain places in the states let their cows run free, but not nearly enough

That’s a really good idea... but someone would have to pay for the transport... and India would have to agree.

To say 'Lets never eat meat from cows again' is also to say 'Lets kill all the cows because there is no way they can all be set free'<br />
<br />
That’s right... If we stop eating meat then we will kill millions of cows... what else would happen? We give all the cows their own island?

now milk is a tough one, cause even now a days most organic milk is just a caged mama cow who is only being fed organic grains. you can switch to soy, its healthier. but i honestly dont like the taste. i've tried it...yuck. but i'm not a big milk drinker either.<br />
<br />
even if we didnt eat cows, they would still be killed. they are not only used for meat. it would be ignorant of us to kill them only for their hides and discard the body. not to mention they would still populate and probably at a fast rate. and they are too domesticated to be in the 'wild'

yah, and its really costly to try to buy it any other way. a naturally raised cow is smaller than one pumped with pills, so they increase the cost of organic meat to keep the profit the same. it sucks, but when i can afford it, its well worth it. i guess thats one reason why i dont buy a lot of beef.

true that, we don't hormone up our personal cows. I suppose most bought meat is that way.

i dont actually eat a lot of beef, i'm a big chicken eater [as long as i'm not raising the chicken]. here in the states it is illegal to give poultry meds like antibiotics and growth hormones. beef is a different story, you have to be very particular about what beef you buy. i dont eat fish. i know its supposed to be really healthy but i just cant stand the smell of fish.....eeewww

Whats wrong with Beef?<br />
Not that I like it, I'm just curious <br />
<br />
If we gave the cows less food and water, we would need to kill most of them.

I like sitting around the dinner table, out comes some delicious sausages.<br />
<br />
"What kind of sausages are these?" I ask<br />
"It's Ben" my sisters answer

i could never eat the chickens that we had at our home growing up. they were my pets....and i wasnt eating my dog so i wasnt eating my chickens. oddly enough though, i had no problem fetching the eggs and eating them for breakfast. i guess since they technically werent born yet, it didnt bother me......

I never said animals don't have feelings, I'm just saying that the only way to stop all this suffering is to kill a whole bunch of them. <br />
<br />
My parents farm cows and chickens and lambs, they eat the eggs and lambs and cows... my younger sisters are well aware that there pet lambs will be dinner one day (Although they are keeping one especially tame lamb).

smebro-You bring up many interesting things with this post.<br />
However...<br />
Animals DO have feelings.<br />
Some animals are psychic.<br />
Tis true.<br />
<br />
antiyou-<br />
Yes,I agree concerning "range fed" beef.{healthier}<br />
Really,most consumers just go to Safeway and buy what is in the meat cases.<br />
Low income consumers are having hamburger,maybe hotdogs.No organic upscale meat for them.<br />
Now,most of us know what is in hotdogs...and hamburger.{******** and intestines and brain tissue}<br />
Yet we STILL EAT IT!<br />
<br />
And yes,if humans had not started killing animals to fill the bellies of their children and covering their nakedness with furs,this would be no debate because humans would not have survivied.<br />
Actually,this is not a debate.<br />
More of a musing on my part.<br />
I have raised herds of my own livestock.<br />
Had to quit.<br />
I could not eat anything with a name!<br />
Same for the chickens,they are running around here at my place hatching out baby chickies.<br />
* SIGH *<br />
Thank you both for your thoughtful and thought provoking words.<br />
<br />
I wonder who was the first person who looked at a cows udder and said to their friend "Hey,lets squeze these things and drink what comes squirting out"!<br />
<br />
OR<br />
<br />
"Hey,lets eat this egg that just dropped out of that chickens butt"!<br />
<br />
Forgive me please....I must be insane to think of these things!

peaceonearth, you dont have to buy meat from the 'farmers' who do what you described. just look for farm raised or organic meats. they are more costly, but all around healthier. they are treated more humanely, grazing in fields. they are not given steroids, antibiotics or anything else that is unnatural.<br />
<br />
i think killing animals for food is natural. i just think our techniques are getting out of hand

:) I suppose the biggest problem with the swap meat for crops concept is that the friends of animals get caught up in the emotional angle (Animals have feelings...)... which is less convincing then the human angle (More food for the poor)<br />
And if we do swap meat for crops we will have to kill a whole lot of those cows...

smebro-you said"Essentially I will be stoping the cows having families, friends or any kind of life, I will destroy a species for the species sake. In twenty years there will be no cows, no happy families mooing in the fields, then I will be successful".<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
The meat industry in this country keeps their cattle in huge feedlots.<br />
Feedlots are huge,muddy, stinking places.<br />
Threre is no green grass....or mooing in the fields.<br />
They are vaccinated and fed antibiotics and other chemicals to make them gain weight.<br />
They have no familes and their friends will die with them when they reach a certain weight.<br />
<br />
Slaughter houses are so disgusting and cruel that many people would stop eating meat if they had to spend one minute inside one.<br />
<br />
You are right,it would be better to raise crops.<br />
<br />
I have often wished for a healthier {meat free}life.<br />
Maybe this post of yours will help me.