I Became One...

...About three years ago. My dad actually thought that it was a good idea, because he had recently been reading about how bad meat was for you, as well as certain types of fat contained in meat. He was the one that decided that my whole family should not eat it either. At first, I was like, "What?" and I craved meat all the time. We have been a vegetarian family for three years now, and to tell you the truth, every time I see meat, it looks absolutely revolting. You just seem to lose your appetite for it after a while. The thing that surprised me most was that my 21 year-old brother happily accepted it, and he was like the biggest meat-eater of our whole family. So yeah. I love animals and meat is gross. =D
indiexchick indiexchick
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2007