Pledge to Eat Veg 30 Day Challenge!

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By participating in the 'Pledge to Eat Veg 30 Day Challenge', you will be helping animals, and the environment! In addition, you will be doing something terrific for yourself — eating healthy to live a longer life! 

Every year, more than 15 billion animals are slaughtered for food in the U.S. alone. Each of those billions of individual animals is denied everything that is natural and important to them: the space to take a few steps, love, safety from fear and pain, companionship, the joy of being able to nuzzle their young, and often even protection from the cold.

A U.N. report summarized the devastation caused by the meat industry by calling it "one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global." By going vegetarian for 30 days, we will work together to mitigate some of the devastation caused by the meat industry in our world.

Eating vegetarian has NEVER been easier! You can make vegetarian versions of all your favorite classic American dishes, by visiting the link below for tasty recipes!  Check out this great vegetarian recipe search engine :

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21 Responses Jan 1, 2009

Hi.. just wanted to know if egg is considered a non veg.. cos from a hardcore non vegetarian i've become eggiterian since last 1 month... :)

dear, egg is also consider as non-veg.. please avoid it to

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I'm already a vegetarian been so for about 25 years so there's no point in me joining the challenge.

I would like to try becoming one. But I would like to have some support and help from those that are already Vegetarians. It would help me a lot with my health issues.

yes if you would like to, u can contact me...i will help u as much as i can...

I became fully vegetarian (but not vegan) in 1983 and never feel any urge to eat meat. For me being vegetarian is normality. I'm interested in making friends with other vegetarians.

For most, that is going to be a massive change in diet. For someone that isn't up on the best way to get all the vitamins that they need, not always wise - esp. if they have a medical condition.<br />
<br />
Too many get lost in eating way too many carbs and and not getting a good variety within their diet.<br />
<br />
My suggestion to others has always been if they are thinking of taking meat out of their diet - even if only for a limited amount of time, it is best to first talk to your doctor. Reason is that with the change in diet it might effect medication that they are taking - thus a heads up if a problem arises.<br />
<br />
Second would be to not fall into the trap of eating all the processed fake 'meat' that is on the market as the sodium is high - and it is processed - not as good as eating fresh food. I have seen some get off into eating the 'healthy protein bar' thing and the calorie content is unreal and unless you are a very active person, you might actually find that you will gain un-needed weight.<br />
<br />
Third would be that people should understand that there are several approaches to being a vegetarian. One can be a strict vegetarian - eat no eggs, dairy, gelatin, honey. But there are also those that are vegetarian that will eat eggs and/or dairy, even honey and are still eating a vegetarian diet. It is amazing all the animal products that are within food that people eat that they would find out if they read the label and many times knew what the long words really mean that they are reading that they don't understand.<br />
<br />
Great diet plans with suggested foods to eat a balanced diet are all over the net - even the Mayo clinic has a suggested approach to a health vegetarian diet.<br />
<br />
IF someone is going to attempt such, I hope that they do it in a HEALTHY WAY as there are too many out there that are eating that way only as a way to fit in/newest fad vs. a choice ba<x>sed on health or conscience.

I'm a vegetarian already (for over 20 years) and hope LOTS of people will join this challenge. I'm actually considering becoming a vegan but have to work out a safe plan because I have some health problems (not related to being a veggie, in fact!).

I am already a vegetarian but I want to do this by taking it a step further and going vegan-completely eliminating all animal products from my diet. I am a cheese addict so this will defiantly be a challenge.

Can I have dairy products like milk, butter, cheese? What about eggs? Can I have cookies like buttered cookies? Bread?

I stopped eating meat after reading several articles back in Feruary 2008. I joined this challenge to get and receive support from/for my friends.

I didn't eat any meat for 2 years and I really didn't feel any different. Last Monday, I decided to go vegetarian for Lent. I started early this year. Maybe, this will be a way to do somethings that are important to me.

I stopped eating red meat (beef) a year a go and now I am pushing for no meat period, any ideas on how I can stick to this plan? Is Fish allowed?

I , for one, think this is silly, and PETA's a disgrace. But more importantly, EP shouldn't be taking sides and shouldn't be promoting flaky, extreme lefty agendas.

Can I join please? I'm changing my life around but its going to be tuff the more support the better. (: thx. -scotty.

I am vegetarian already, but I think it's a good idea to join for the trees :)

i used to include vegetable in my meal and make sure that there is a balance intake of vagetable pork, and meat in my diet, maybe this challenge was for me..

Well, im starting today wish me luck! I've been going more towards being a vegitarian lately so it shouldn't be too hard.

Been a veggie for 20 or so years......FG, I'm sure you could do it! Glad that PETA are doing that!<br />
<br />
For everyone of luck and try to do it for longer if you like it....<br />
<br />
Samantha xxx

Thanks to Mello I found this. I will do this as I primarily eat veggies anyway but I do eat chicken and some fish so I can't call myself vegetarian. Who knows? Maybe after 30 days I can cut them out too. We shall see.

As a vegetarian to begin with, should I take this challenge?

I already eat veg but this is a great idea to encourage others. I do not wish to eat other ceatures that have suffered and died just so that I can satisfy my taste buds.