Newly Vegetarian. Help!

Okay, about two week ago, I cut out all meat.  I have been eating cheese and eggs, legumes, hummus, grains, nuts, seeds, tofu and marinated styles of tofu, vegetables/salads, fruits and soymilk, noodles, breads etc.  Just no meat.

At first, it was hard because I was very tired, so I started to take a supplement. I feel better now

I did my normal weekly weight check since I have always done this...........................  I have GAINED 8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!??????  WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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Well, I have made some progress. Added lemon water, and cut out the extra snacks of the tofu teriyaki bites and white cheddar popcorn and cheese sticks (mozarella string cheese). No bowls of cereal with vanilla soymilk before bed anymore either. And I have lost almost two pounds already.<br />
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Today I made a delicious salad with 2 handfuls of baby greens and spinach, chopped almonds, two slices of avocado and some Gorgonzola (small teaspoon) with 1 tbsp of blue cheese viniagrette dressing. Was de-lish and filling.

Cheese and nuts have a high calories and fat content. Pay attention to condiments as well: do you use oil (olive oil is preferable, but use a maximun of three spoonful a day!), butter, margarine or...? Do you eat rich sauces, like those with cream? Watch the salt intake as well, and drink at least 1,5 litres of water per day (fruite juices and fizzy drinks add to the calories count!). Last but not least, like ThankYouSir wrote, you might be simply overeating without actually realizing it. Good luck, and believe me: being a vegetarian is great! :)

I have been a vegetarian all my life and have been on a diet for the last year or A lot of times it is not what but how much you eat. Also, exercise is very important. The liquid intake is a big thing too as it will not only help you feel fuller but will help with the extra "roughage" that a lot of vegetarian diets adds.<br />
Try the morning star farms bacon strips wrapped around a whole water chestnut and held with a tooth pick and broiled until crisp...makes a great munchy snack! :-) Good luck!

Well, I havent been eating white starches. Have not had any white bread. I buy whole grain only. No sweets. I had eggs one time in two weeks, but I have been eating a bit of cheese and I love hummus and the marinated tofu pieces. Maybe I am overdoing it.<br />
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I dont feel bloated like I use to with a TAD, but I have eaten more I guess. I just thought that veggies, fruits and grains and nuts etc were better for me and so most of them (most) are lower cal.<br />
Also, I have been eating the Morningstar Farms breakfast bites and the vegan sliced lunchmeats.<br />
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I guess I need to pick up my liquid intake as I havent had much extra water. Just tea and coffee...