New Vegetarian

I am a new vegetarian (2 months).  I started by cutting out beef when I read a book called Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman.  Then, I really started thinking and took the 30-day Veg Pledge on Peta/  Surprisingly I really don't miss meat at all.  I still have dairy products on occasion, although eventually I might cut them out.  I have always been a pretty big organic supporter, but I feel very passionate about the animals and eating meat is just not necessary.
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Dairy products are probably a good idea so that you get enough fat and protein, and some variety.

I really wish I had the will power to become vegetarian, I admire those who are..... I do love meat though :(<br />
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Being a fussy eater would make it extra hard for me........

Great story! And well done, too. I'm glad it was not too difficult for you. Do you feel better inside yourself as a result of the change? I found an unusual outcome of my own vegetarianism was that I felt a greater sense of belonging with the natural world.