It All Started..

Well my friends will tell you its just because i wanted to be like them, they wish anyway lol. But the truth is i tried it out when i was 11 and stayed on it for over a year until i got really really sick because i was so low in iron. So i was on iron tablets and had to go back to being a meat eater. But then about 4 months ago i had a serious talk with my parents (who are still mad at me doing this but oh well) and told them that this time i would look after myself more and that i just couldn't make myself eat an animal. They finally realised i wasn't gonna give up and they let me have my way. So now i am a vegetarian and am incrediably happy with it.

ShatteredBeyondBelief ShatteredBeyondBelief
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2007

I'm happy for you. There are so many vegetarian dishes rich in iron. Be adventurous in the vegetarian food you choose. But if you decide to return to not being a vegetarian, eating fish can be a good alternative to red meat. Good luck.