Actually I'm a Pesco-vegetarian- I haven't eaten meat for 10 years but I do eat fish.  There aren't a lot of us out there but I ain't the only one!

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Pesco vegetarian, too, for 8 years! It's easy for me to stick to this diet - there's no concept of deprivation whatsoever. The difficult thing is that I am the only pesco-veg in this household - so the meals on the table are not exactly vegetarian-friendly. I've taken to eating kimchi in large quantities. And supplementing my diet with spoons of peanut butter - an extravagant treat, calorie-wise, so I don't do that very often.

i was for about 6 years! but i stopped eating seafood last summer.

Same thing for me, 17 years next month!

I'm a Pesco as well! I have been for almost ten years now. :)