I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Basically I don't eat anything that has a face. No animals. I'm a huge animal lover and I'm only 15.. So everybody gives me a hard time about it. Because apparently "you need meat to survive".. Oh ignorance...
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Ya, some people have told me I'm gonna die because I don't eat meat. I have been a vegetarian for all 12 years of my entire life, and look, I'm still here. I love being a vegetarian, and if other people are bothered by the fact I choose not to eat meat, too bad!

The best part about being an omnivore is choices. You don't NEED meat to survive. I eat it cause I like it but try and buy it local as possible (as in...not factory farmed.) You need PROTEIN, not meat lol. I actually prefer black bean burgers to beef ones.

As a true omnivore, I SUPPORT YOU! I actually do meatless mondays and am going back to fresh friday (something I made up...usually raw vegan.) Lets share recipes? :)

Well, make sure you are getting all the right nutrients into your body. You are still growing so consult a nutritonist or someone who is licensed.

I think it's funny no one cares about your protein intake until they find out you're a vegetarian. You know there are entire cultures that don't eat meat (large portion of India).

Exactly. Thank you! XD

It's OK to a ovo-lacto vegetarian, however there are some vitamins that you may want to take to avoid anemia. I believe it's Vitamin B-12

I'm not vegetarian (anymore), but, they're wrong, you don't need meat to survive, so, don't let it get to you.

Be happy you live in a society where you can live a life so comfortable that one of your big problems is something as small as this. If you lived in places in Africa you'd be over the moon to have a fried rat for lunch. In India, many people are vegetarian because of their religion, so it's the farthest thing from weird there.

I know how you feel, as I am your age, and adults give me a hard time by saying "you are going through a phase", when really, my love for animals is timeless.

Wicked picture. XD

Lol thanks xD

P.S. why put a butterfly in acid?

Well I like butterflies.. And the word acid... Butterflyacid.

Haha. Heres one: Watchful Pickle

I love that :o


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You don't need meet, but you do need protein, which for most people is gotten from meet, eggs, things like that. Make sure you talk to your doctor to be sure you're getting all the vitamins you need. Otherwise, good for you :)

I drink vitamins. And did you know broccoli has 45% protein while a steak only has about 8%.

Steak just tastes better :P LOL
I'm a meatatarian myself :D

You know, there are LOTS of other food with LOTS of protein other than meat, right?

i am a veggie too but i do believe that god created animals to serve the mankind but pets i am against pets abusing and animal abusing of course

Are you saying god gave us animals so we can eat them like a bunch of savages?

no i am saying animals was there for a reason . think about it i am a veggie too btw

I don't know whether animals are here for a reason or not, but if they are, I'm sure as hell it's not so they become our food. If animals are here for a reason, then there must be a reason for humans to be here, right? And what is it? People who eat meat can go ahead and do it because that's their decision and I can't stop them, but personally, I love animals too much to give money to people who torture and slaughter animals. Vegetarianism works for me, but it doesn't work for everybody(sadly). Okay, I guess my long rant that kind of got off track is done now.

So fatten them up so you can eat them.. Sorry if I think it's cruel.

Okay.. I'd love you to say that if you were the one getting slaughtered and getting eaten by people. "God brought him here for a reason, am I right?"..

let me ask you something first . do you believe in god ! ? and if you do what is your religion ! ?

No offense, but I don't think that is any of your business. It's not even relevant.

alrightie i am sorry for being rude and asking such an idiotic question . well am against pets and animal abused but i still believe so god created those animals to serve us and to be honest i forgot what the meat taste like ^^

If you love god so much.. Why are you going against his wish.. And not eating the animals he created just for you to eat..

veggie food is healthy and i cant stand watch an animal dying

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well all I got to say is i think of what your doing is awesome to me i cant handle without meat so to me your a stronger women, plus i don't think that's anything funny, but the new generation are more foolish then before so just wait for junior or senior year most all students are immature at that time if not well you can joke about them eating meat.

I'm not a vegetarian but my doctor says I should become one because of what meat does to my body an idea how to start becoming one but I love meat thought.

Most people do. You can always buy soy/veggie food.. It's not really meat but some of the products taste like they're actual meat.

Soy and veggie food sounds so gross an maybe I can do it if it taste like meat

It really just depends on the product you buy.. Most taste a lot like meat, some exactly like meat.. And at times (depending on the product) it tastes nowhere even close to meat.

Yea I know one I didn't bring lunch one time an I had to eat my friends soy veggie food an she said it taste like meat but it didn't it taste so nasty.

I once tried this soy chicken thing... Lol and it tasted like beans.

I actually like beans so I wouldn't mind the taste

Lol not a good taste to it though. I like beans but it tasted odd.

How did it taste odd

I can't explain the taste, all I know is that I did not like it. AT ALL.


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Me too. I can't digest meat properly, and I don't like animals being killed. If you are vegetarian you have to eat a variety of plant proteins, though.

I never really ate meat before, so it's not like I was going to miss it. Why can't you digest meat properly? Sorry that confused me a bit.

IDK why, it's just like that.

That is good. You are being conscious.

me too pretty much for health purposes. i'm in better health than I ever have been.

That's really great :3

it really is, i started it a few years back after reading countless books on health and nutrition written by doctors and scientists who dedicated years and years of their lives exploring the advantages of a plant based diet and the drawbacks of an animal based diet. Was skeptical at first but researched it and the science and evidence just made sense to me. Since then have gone totally vegetarian but also mostly vegan and must admit I feel as if everything has improved health wise. I'm a big advocate of a mostly plant-based diet.

Most people think being a vegetarian is stupid.. But it changes you in many ways. It's a whole lot better than being a meat eater. And I didn't do much research. My mom is a vegetarian so it wasn't hard for me to go through the transition.

Lol thank you

I know, it bothers me so much! I don't see the point in it though.. I'm choosing to not eat meat.. It doesn't effect them at all.

why would they think it's stupid? that's ridiculous. people can be so ignorant when it comes to these things I guess..

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