Slowly Starving

I stopped eating meat about a year ago. My family think it's a stupid phase I'm going through. At school I can easily eat something vegetarian but at home...every meal has meat in it so I just have the veg at the side.

Maybe my family think if I get hungry I'll have to eat meat but I'm surviving.

JonesSmith16 JonesSmith16
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

tell me about it. my family got so pissed at me. I dont even eat dinner with them any more

I know how it feels - it's still a problem for some of my family to get to grips with, and its been like nine years for me.<br />
For a while, my Nan bought ham quiches to try and break me; I just needed to pick the ham out...<br />
-domitilla :(