Raised Vegetarian

I was raised vegetarian. My parents both originally quit eating meat so they could keep kosher easier. They aren't completely kosher anymore but they r still veggie. I've never tasted meat and I've never really wanted to. I don't get why people would eat something that could make them sick so easily if it's not cooked right.

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I gotta say I could never not eat meat. I used to eat loads. I still eat quite a bit aswel. It's mostly chicken though but would eat anything as long as if it's not too fatty. My healths pretty good.

I was told that since I've never had meat I could feel sick if I ate it now cuz my stomach wouldnt be able to handle it. I try to eat kosher as well and its just a lot easier to do it without trying to keep the meat separate from my cheese and stuff.

I agree with you meat is not that healthy but I like it ... I have tried to be vegetarian but I couldn't I felt that I am not eating well .... I encourage you to continue as a vegetarian but eating meat for one time a month is not danger on your health :D

Most of the people I know who have become vegetarian have told me they felt better when they did.

I have eaten meat my entire life, and it really hasn't helped me much. My health went downhill recently so I started researching and found a book that made me decide to turn Vegan. I feel better and healthier =)

I guess I don't have any personal experiences but meat just isn't for me.

ive never been sick from meat, never undercooked it or anything like that. Meat is wonderful i cant imagine cooking without it in most meals.

say what?