Being Vege Is Fantastic

I'm vege as is my wife and oldest son.  There are all sorts of reasons that some have for becoming healthy.  Sometimes its youthful rebellion - I remember my peer group during our time as punks and the really preachy "Meat is murder" lot and I also recall how, once that burst of rebellion was over and they hung up their safety pins to settle down they also started back on eating meat. 

There are health reasons too but, as I am not a nutritionist and I don't live a healthy lifestyle, I shall just indicate that vege appears to me to be healthy

Then there are beliefs.  I believe that all living entities have a spirit soul (Jiva - I think is the sanskrit word) that is eternal and not the same as the body.  The metaphysical aspect of this is that it is a mistake to misidentify with the body because it is not the soul.  What's this got to do with being vege?  Well - karma is essential a rule (for want of a better word) that means what goes round comes round.  Bring joy get joy, bring suffering - suffer etc -  and it is universal.  No get outs no short cuts just factual.  Taking account of this marvelous rule (in which I have faith and without which I cannot comprehend) it is preferable to minimise the amount of suffering that we cause others.  If we munch on a carrot - it suffers and feels but in a different way from mammals.  If we munch on animals they suffer more than carrots.  That suffering will become part of your karma if you do the meat munching stuff.

 Lastly - there is taste.  Many folk like munching on meat because it tastes so good (so they say).  Enjoy all you want but - just remember karma eh!


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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I consider myself agonstic and not athiest because I do believe there is a higher power I just don't know what exactly to think of it. I also fully believe Jesus existed and he was willing to die on the cross for his belief. I just have a hard time believing God planned it that way. I also think you should try to follow Jesus's path, but then again I also think you should follow the path of people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Mother Theresa, and well you get the picture. I've actually started going to a non dominational church, but it's only because my mom wanted to go to a church while she was visiting me here in Holland and when I went there were really nice people and I have a hard time meeting people here in Holland. Also, the different cultures got along just fine and that was not the case when I took a Dutch course. Everyone was against me because I was an evil American and I was the only American. The muslims were with the muslims, the Polish were with the Polish, the the Africans were with the Africans. There were only two who didn't come from Poland, an African country, or a middle eastern country. Wait, make that three. Two of them were from France but one of them was a French muslims and they both didn't want anything to do with anyone who didn't speak French. The other one was a Spanish guy. He was nice but he was friends with this posessive African woman who hated me, so I never got to talk with him. Also there was a very nice muslim woman for the first two week, but there was a wedding taking place in her family back at him so she had to go back to her country for a few months. I'm not even sure if she came back to Holland or not. Then when I switched classes (I finally convinced them to switch me to a lower class just so that I didn't have to be bullied by adults.) the people were generally nicer. However, two eastern European people made it miserable for me in the end because I didn't like to go out and get drunk and high with them. I finally convinced the school to just let me take the test early so I could just get out of there and well I wound up failing the speaking part and now about 2 years later I have to go back to school yet again for the speaking. But anyway, my point is that there are a lot of different cultures at this church and they all seem to respect each other. Sure there are bad things about every culture, but people should learn how to embrace the good in different cultures. The world would be a boring place without different cultures. <br />
<br />
And I do sometimes wish my husband was a vegitarian, but we were both meat eaters when we first met so it wouldn't be fare to keep asking him to be a vegitarian with me. Maybe one day he'll decide to be one, but until then I'm just happy not eating any meat myself.

I also believe all living creatures have a soul and that's why becoming a vegetarian was one of the best things I did. However, I still cook meat for my husband. There's two reasons I do. The first reason is because I know forcing something on someone does not work and the second is because I know a lot of people believe us humans are meant to be meat eaters like other animals so as a lion. My husband believe animals have souls too but that we are meant to eat meat. I figure since I've survived for one year and 3 months without eating any meat that we aren't really meant to eat meat. Also, I believe Jesus was a vegetarian if I read the Bible passages correctly and we are supposedly suppose to try to follow in his footsteps. Hence the word "try". I'm not so sure why I used the Jesus example because I've also been an agnostic for about 2 years now.

very good story! thanks for sharing :)