Just Ignore What People Say

i have been a vegetarian for 16 years now,i always struggled with the loving animals and admiring cute lambs calfs ect but still eating meat but still did it anyway,then one christmas my son gave me a buddism book for christmas,i read it in a few days and made up my mind there and then,it was just the push i needed.my husband did not accept it for years and refused to buy me veggie options so i would buy my own,and he would say things like why cant you have the soup its only got a little bit of meat in it,but i knew that i was right and have never wavered,i dont shove it in peoples faces,if they want to know i tell them my views,i hate it when they make ridiculous comments like well if you care about living things how can you eat a lettuce cos that is a living thing but i just roll my eyes and carry on with what im doing.and now when i say i love animals and ooh and ahh over the lambs and goats and deer i dont feel a hypocrite,i think once you chose this you never go back but you have to feel 100% commited before you do

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its lovely to get feedback thank you

I wish I were at that place in my life. I'm working on it, and most of the time I don't eat meat. I have always loved animals, and I shudder when I think of the cruelty so many of them endure. I'll pay double the price just to buy eggs from cage-free poultry farms. <br />
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I ordered a book on Ebay last week by C.S. Lewis because it had been referenced in a piece written by an animal rights group. The book is entitled "The Problem of Pain" and in it, Lewis addresses the problem of pain when we believe in a loving God. He has one entire chapter devoted to animal pain, and how we can reconcile this with a loving Creator. It's quite a read! <br />
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There was no killing of animals in God's perfect world the Garden of Eden. And in the world to come, the prophecy tells us that the lion will lie down with the lamb. So even the animals will be at peace. <br />
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You are such a loving person. Keep it up!