Can't Remember What It's Like To Eat Meat

I was 11 when i became a vegetarian, i grew up on a farm and every morning in the spring i would open my bedroom curtains and see the baby lambs running around in the field and one day i thought "in about 6 months they'll be on my dinner plate" and that was it, i just couldn't do it, everytime i had my meals, didn't matter if it was beef, lamb or pork, i would see those lambs running round and i couldn't eat the meat after that.  My family were not pleased when i told them i didn't want to eat meat anymore, they blamed a friend of mine who was a vegetarian, and i suppose she did help a little as well especially when she told me about the stories of the slaughter houses so i decided that animals didn't need to die just so i can have a meal, we lived with my grandparents when i was young and my grandad would always put slices of meat on my plate every meal time for weeks after i told them but i just left it on the side of my plate and eventually he accepted the fact that i didn't want to eat meat anymore, although he still moaned about it lol.  People always ask me if i miss eating meat and the answer is no i don't, i don't even remember what it tastes like, the most annoying thing is when I've told some people I'm a vegetarian they say "oh you eat a lot of nuts then" and I'm like "well not really, i said i was a vegetarian not a squirrel" lol. 

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The idea that animals do not have to be kille us to get food is a basic tenet of Hinduism and Buddhism (ahimsa or non-violence). God is omni-present and by killing an animal we are really causing distress to ourselves indirectly!<br />
If miles2662 gets a dog, I wonder what he would do with it!<br />
Pls read genesis !;29 also!

miles2662, I don't think you are in any place to talk about what "sense" is.

Yes, humans ARE part of the food chain, too. But most of us have the sense we were given to keep out of this trouble.

miles2662, you are trying to provoke a reaction, or you actually believe what you have written. Which ever reason you posted your comment, you are an idiot, and you have to live with that. Good luck.<br />
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Phoenixdragon88, thank you for sharing your story, I also do not remember what meat tastes like and I think it is a good job. I really don't want to remember what it was like to chew a dead body around in my mouth. I know that sounds gross, but realistically, that is what it is. Full respect to you Phoenixdragon!

animals are here for two reasons -- one is to provide food (meat)<br />
the other is to provide clothing (leather and fur)

I have a daughter who does not meat, simply because she doesn't and never has liked the way meat tastes. I have a son-in-law who does not eat meat because he can't deal with the mouth texture.<br />
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I generally don't like food and deal with that every day. That's an eating disorder of another sort.