Becoming A Vegetarian

My decision to become a vegetarian was influenced by several different things. We live on a small family farm and decided to get a calf to raise for milking. This calf was named "Lily" and became like a pet to my family. She was very tame and gentle and a lot smarter than most people could think a calf would be. Eventually we had to move and sell the calf because there was no way to transport her to our new house. When she went to the auction house, she was examined by a vet and they discovered that she did not have the body parts to produce offspring and so was not usable as a milk cow. She was sent off to be slaughtered...

After this incident i realized that the meat i ate did not grow on a tree but actually had a brain and heart and life before it was on my plate. My parents were worried that becoming a vegetarian would have negative effects on my health..but after i researched it i discovered that if you go about it the right way, vegetarians are more likely to live longer than meat eaters. There is generally less fat/ clogging in the arteries of vegetarians and so they are less prone to heart attacks. This was great news for me as much of the family on my fathers side have a history of dying at young ages because of heart attacks.

Being a vegetarian has really helped me increase my awareness of how much you really take advantage of the meat on your plate, and also, having to sit there hungry sometimes while my brothers had at their beef jerky or double cheeseburgers has helped me feel more in control of my body and what goes in it.

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At 59 years of age my blood pressure is 110 over 70 and I have a pulse of less than 50 beats per minute. Cholesterol level is 3.7 Maybe it's something to do with my diet, maybe it's hereditary. Just remember to take the B12's when you are having children!<br />
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