Does Anyone Find It Hard Not To Preach Being A Vegetarian To Their Freinds?

sorry if this is more of a question than a post, it's just that I find it hard not to get into heated debates with omnivores about why eating meat is wrong.

I wondered if anyone else does this... my fiance says i am the worlds only 'militant' vegetarian lol

bluebells bluebells
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Hi bluebells,<br />
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I must admit I used to be exactly like you and I'm sure it made me rather unpopular on many occasions. I used to do the same with religion. I'm a raging atheist and still love arguing with Born again Christians and Jehova's Witnesses. <br />
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It's your passionate beliefs which can change Your world to make it a better place. We need people like you and you are truly important. I think age is also a factor which heightens your passion.