I Love Vegetarians

i just became a vegetarian about a month ago., its came about during a science project, we were assigned to pick any animal and research its habitat its contibutions to the environment, and its biggest threat. me and my partner chose the hollstein cow(dairy and beef cow). the cows biggest threat are humans and through this i foound out how cows and other animals get treated by farms. and i am so discusted with how factory farms treat their animals!.. the lifetime of abuse not to metion most of the animals die of diseases. i am so happy to call my self a vegetarian and i hope to become an aimal actvist.

VampireValentine VampireValentine
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I've been a vegetarian 4 years on March 16th and I will never go back, its something I'm very committed to. I saw videos of animals abuse and that made my decision. Its funny how stories like yours (you doing the project and learning) and my watching videos finding out on my own are what made us chose to become vegetarian. It only shows that you can't make someone become vegetarian, its a process in which they have to go through on their own. you can however inform them. People just don't like people telling them what to do.