Vegan: A Kinder Way To Live =D

There is a lot of cruelty within the egg and dairy industries. Hens crammed 5-6 in a cage for eggs (free range are packed into sheds by the thousands) and dairy cows artificially inseminated every cycle to give birth to a baby that will either be turned into veal or given back to the dairy industry, all so humans can have her milk that was intended for the baby calf. So I couldn't go just vegetarian.

I'm definitely happier and I feel as if my life has a purpose thanks to my greater awareness. This is definitely as lifestyle for me, as vegans, in addition with not consuming animal products, they do not buy any clothing articles that are made from animals, buy any animal tested products or products with animal ingredients, and they do not support places which make money off of animal exploitation, such as Rodeos, SeaWorld, Zoos, etc. Of course it's not about being 100% perfect, but we do what we can to minimize our impact. (But believe me, I still have tons of fun without the cruelty. Lazer tag is vegan x) )

Some people say that veganism is just a personal choice. However, the choice to eat animals and their products, doesn't take into account the animals choice to live. As civilized people, I would assume we are aware that it is not in good character to make choices that violate others' basic choices.

If you have any questions about veganism, you are welcome to ask me <3
VegansLoveLife VegansLoveLife
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012