Just A Word Of Advice

If, for any reason, you happen to find yourself in a house with a man that prefers Ford over GM because the seats are more comfortable to sleep and live in, take head and reconsider signing any type of binding legal contract with that man. It wont always work out badly, but it will still creep you out thinking about how he could up and leave without too much thought or notice, or perhaps, throw all of your belongings and furniture onto the front lawn and prepare to torche it all aslo. No folks, not the way to go. Do not got out of your ways to **** off someone whom is quite happy being antisocial and invents mind games in order to achieve his goal of testing everyones patience and guile. Hate that guy.
MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
31-35, M
May 9, 2012