So my one guy friend asked my opinion on how he looked so of course I told him (the nicest way possible) and he was not happy. End of story -_-
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Haha what kind of person asks for an opinion then gets angry about it? That's like a pro life person walking around asking people if they believe in abortion then getting angry everytime someone said that they do...

I feel the same way about it :p if I knew there was a chance of hearing something I wouldn't wanna hear, I just wouldn't ask in the first place. But me personally I'd just suck it up. The truth is the way to go even if it sucks

Definitely! I've found that people really aren't blunt enough, especially when it comes to how others look haha.

Some people are just attention seekers is all ^_^ or rather they like feeling appreciated even if they're lies. Some people like lies more... I have no idea why though 0_o

He asked and you should not lie