Hurts Like Brand New Shoes

For the women of herstory not history

they who are the repositories
of all that man has wreaked upon her
she alone gives birth
to forgiveness and hope

for the grandmothers 
for the midwives
for the sisters
and daughters
For the wives
and soumates

for we who would walk the true path to manhood
for our own rites of passage to commit to
whose word is humility

and for equality
where love between man and man
woman and woman
man and woman
human to all life

means awakened souls
uniting as one
in recognition
of our spiritual source

a little too abstract
a little too wise
it is time to kiss the mother earth
once more

41-45, M
5 Responses Jun 17, 2010

Oh I have been in love with Sade's music for what seems like centuries...she has become a firm part of my lifes soundtrack...thank you tasmin

Sade is wonderful she has a great voice, is very cool and seemingly ageless.

**curtsies** and I humbly accept :)

twice touched, twice blessed...this stranger humbly offers his heart as food for thee giggles4488

You have touched my heart twice today. Blessed be.....