How I View The World

I wish I had the power to make people understand how I think. I view the world in a way that amazes even me. I can't stand seeing people focus on the negatives and the past. I just want to give them my mind, to change their lives. It is so frustrating. Like my life is nowhere near perfect but somehow I still find reasons to smile. I notice the small things, the happiness of a child, the beauty of a scene. I dont want to sound like some airy fairy hippy, I'm just a regular person.

People tend to focus on how **** their lives are at the very moment, but what most o fthem don't realise is they still have 10, 20 maybe even 50 years for their lives to get a hell of a lot better. And then there are the people who constantly try to meet everyone elses expectations, they will never be that happy. I realised that doing what my parents, friends and teachers expected me to do didnt make me happy. So I sat down and I though about what I wanted to do. I did research, I planned and now I'm doing it and I love it.

Im crazy, im a dreamer, i make mistakes, i try to inspire, i write things down, i absorb things most people miss, im afraid at times, i can be selfish, i can be stupid, but most of all i am different. and i am proud to be different.
MistyDayz MistyDayz
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012