"lady In The Streets, But A Freak In The Bed" ;)

I'm a Wife & Mom, have been with my Husband since age 15. After 19 yrs & 2 kids, we still have the best sex! I LOVE 2 please & put on a show for him, LOVE how he likes 2 "dress me up" & there's nothing he's ever asked, that I've said no to. I often think of him & please myself, with my vibrating ***** or watch **** that remindes me of he & I or fatasize about him, I and another (fantasy) woman having a *********. I'd never do it, but the fantasy sure gets me off. I also get off at the thought of him pleasing himself & I'd LOVE to go to a ***** Club and have him watch me get a lap dance / have a dancer give us both one at the same time. I think that'd be a huge turn on, then we'd of course have lots of fun after. Another thing I'd like 2 do is, go 2 a ***** club, watch & have on a pair of vibrating panties with a remote on my keychain, so I could discretely get off while watching... umm, ummm... well that's all 4 now, good night, sweet dreams ;)
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If they're hot chicks, ok! :)