Can It Be That Hard?

I never learned to cook yet but i am still great at it.

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
9 Responses Feb 20, 2009

yup same here

right cooking isn't hard I love to cook

Yeah as long as i follow the cook book i dunno what is so hard about it.

That's what cookbooks are for! There are a lot of free recipe sites too. Don't worry, it's not an exact science. You'll get to a point where you won't need recipes or even measuring spoons. Do it enough and you'll know how to recreate all your favorite dishes just by looking at the ingredients.<br />
I agree with Musicspirit, and I like your opening statement. I'm posting it in my kitchen!

I don't know what you mean by oc band, but im not in a band. I just play my electric guitar hoping to make it in music some how. I know cooking can be a bore to do every single day after day, but what i was saying is i am sure i could cook anything i like to eat with good instructions.

LOL. and what do you mean by cooking cant be that hard!! I sweat my butt off in the kitchen 3 times a day doing wht you claim is so easy. You are a real piece of work!!!LOL

hey i got your message. It was kimd of a long night last night so I thoght i was gonna sleep in, go figure!! LOL. I was wondering though, what kind oc band are you in exactly??

i dunno i think my stomach would be a better judge.

I'm sure you are. You don't need to learn. It's all in the heart ;)