Ok so I'm clearly not a woman haha. Also I'm not seedy or creepy or anything, but with out looking at any pictures I can tell you that all the women on here are beautiful. And not because you are hairy. But because you are able to embrace it.

Ok yes I admit I am attracted to hairier women, but not only on a sexual level. I find it a thing of sexual arousal and beauty. It is natural. And to be natural is beautiful. You are the way you are meant to be.

Ok that went on a weird tangent lol. But I will say this, I hope that one day I can meet a woman similar to you, natural and proud of it. Don't change to follow society. Screw society. It's not any good to anyone these days. Ok long rant, I'm sorry... Be you. And you will be beautiful. :)
NoJuanNose NoJuanNose
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My best friend is 100% female and shaves her face. I told her back 20 years ago NOT TO DO IT but she does and you can see it an hour after she does it.. poor bisch