Honesty Is Taken For Grantit These Days

i have been with the same man for 7yrs (not married) we have 2 beautiful children...Kyle is 6 and Skyla is 1. I always look for the good in others and give people the benefit of the doubt...because the world is currupt these days...all I have every asked is not to be lied to, beat, cheated on or stolen from...i guess you could say he promised me one and did the very thing i asked NOt to lie to me...he lies he cheats he steals and worst of all i know everytime he lies i just don't know when he tells the truth....why can't i find a man who will love being a family man the kind my father and grandfather was you go to work you come home to a fully cooked meal clean house relax and treat your woman as if she was everything you went to work for to begin with...i don't lie, don't cheat. im not a druggie, im not an alcoholic. im a mature young beautiful mother the kind my momma was to me....honesty and love i believe only exist in fairytales i believe it has become extinct......
JacquelineCMcCoy JacquelineCMcCoy
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2010

well i dont lie or cheat eighter but have to amit lots do both weman and men too there is no guentuees hell even batteries run down its takes two to make things work and both have to want same thing and work for it together guys like you want are out there but have to amit they are hard to find wish i was younger would talk lol well wish you best of luck

yeah well 99.5% are no wonder 1/2 of my friends are lesibians I think I see why...I guess if I don't find my prince I will invest in batteries LMAO