Why Why Why

I see no need in lying to someone.

Why not be honest? why not just say whats on your mind? Why Why Why?


I will tell you the truth, i will tell you my opinion


why can't you?

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4 Responses Jun 26, 2008

Honesty is the key to everything and so many people dont seem to understand that. Why live a life of lies, what kind of life is that? I to am an honest person some have even said "to honest" all I want is the same respect from others but seem to find myself more then once being lied to....

Not to many of you out there.

I do too!

I totally agree with you. There are very few people in the world that share that opinion and I find that sad really. Why cant people be honest, I dont understand, its so much easier to just tell the truth, because youll find once you tell one little fib you will be telling them for the rest of your life just to try keep up with the one you told in the first place, you will be forever trying to cover your tracks until oneday youll find your whole existence is just one big lie.