Truthful Is My Middle Name

Ok so I like telling the truth but I'm not brutal with it or purposely hurtful.People will tell me you don't have to tell your husband such and such( nothing like cheating _I don 't) or your employer doesn't have to know that excetra but I can 't help it even if it will hurt me I believe in telling the truth.Sure people have taken advantage of my honesty or used it against me but I choose this.
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Quite agree, being truthful does not mean being brutal. Speaking the truth also refers to yourself. It is easy to speak the truth about what you think about someone.However, speaking the truth about your own faults is very hard to is called self examination.


I'm the same way but have learned that if I am 'asked' I will tell...but I don't believe in bluntly giving my opinion if its not first asked...its none of my business. Many friends appreciate my honesty and opinion for this reason, they know I will tell them the truth. For example: I cant stand fake people, but letting them know this just creates lots of enemies...know when to keep your mouth shut, lol.