So Confused

I have been married for only 3 months. We dated for over 4 years and lived together for over a year before getting married. Ever since we have been married, it's been bad. He got a new job that pays decently, but works 10-12 hours a day, almost 7 days a week. I work a lot too as a head manager, but now we NEVER see eachother! I work during the day, and he at night. My problem is that I can't have it both ways-I can't have my own career and goals, AND be a good wife with the possibility of kids in the future.

Most people I feel would love to not have to work. But I want to have my job, husband, etc. I feel I am being forced to quit because his job pays way more than mine. It's just not fair. I text him all the time (can't really talk while he's on the job) and I voice my concerns to him all the time-but he always tells me the same thing. "you don't have to work. Your job doesn't pay well enough, find a part-time job. Go back to school." Yes, these are wonderful options and seeing him more often would be wonderful, but I have to give up a big part of what I have been working so hard for since I graduated college. I finally have a good job in something I can grow into, and then I have to give it up. I realize we are a "team" now, but why is it that guys can have it all but women can't?

I am just so confused as to what to do. Do I keep my dreams and goals and stay at my job and sacrifice time with my husband? Or do I give up my dreams and goals while spending much more quality time with my husband? There are so many options and I just don't want to rush into this, however I am so damn lonely!!!!

I miss him terribly and I am lucky to spend a few hours with him a week. What kind of marriage is that? I saw each of my parents divorce twice each-I just can't put myself through a divorce-but will I be happier? Do I even have a marriage if I don't see him? Oh life, why are you so confusing.
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26-30, F
Jul 31, 2010